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There are two different types of metal hearts I enjoy painting: The purely painted “flow" design
or the "hand sculpted” design. In my new "flow” style, the paint is poured on the top of the
heart in my favored color combos, moved around, manipulated and lifted around the edges. I
enjoy witnessing the paint dripping down the sides and covering the metal core wherever it
decides to cascade around the edge. Often times, I use a palette knife to manipulate the color
movement towards another direction or to scoop more of a certain color back up on the face of
the heart that has already dripped down in a paint puddle. Drying takes about two to three days,
and then I use a high gloss acrylic non toxic coating to seal.

The hand sculpted design, I carve out by hand in a thick white medium, and then I allow all the
peaks and valleys to dry. I paint and paint and manipulate prominent colors with a damp towel or
dish sponge. I might paint a tad more intensely with my paint brush or hands, or rub out a few
layers of paint to expose the colors I would like to see more of, and then its finished up with
perhaps a sparkle of gold, and a high gloss acrylic coating. The sides of the hearts are painted
with a silver iridescent paint and pressed with a crumpled paper towel for texture. The sculpted
heart design shows the raw metal sides with the artwork solely on the face of the heart.
A passion for hearts has been constant in my artistic repertoire for many years. I intentionally
strive to create a certain flow and balance in my works, and I am excited by never having two
hearts ever turn out the same. There are little surprises and happy accidents forever present in
my hearts. Creating hearts keeps me grounded, peaceful, and comforted. The layers and flow in
my 3D metal hearts feel like a metaphor for my layered life stories, and the deep connections I
am privileged to share with dear friends and family.

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